Connect with Culture

We are the only school in the Seattle area that offers a unique mix of Chinese language and dance classes.

Our School

Melody Institute, Inc. has offered Chinese dance and language classes in the Seattle area to children of all ages since 2005. In addition, we also have adult fitness and dance classes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster knowledge and understanding of Chinese language and culture in our community.

Dance Classes & The Melody Dance Group

Our dance students make up the Melody Dance Group, which has been performing Chinese folk, traditional, and modern dance around the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade. The Melody Dance Group has performed every year at the Folklife Festival since 1995, at Seattle Theater Group's Dance This! and Global Dance Party shows, and at numerous other festivals and venues around the PNW. In addition, the group regularly performs at nursing homes, schools, and non-profit fundraisers.

Our dancers range from ages 2 to adult and meet once a week for class to learn traditional techniques and to rehearse for upcoming performances. Participation in performances is optional for our students.

If you would like our dancers to perform at your event, please contact us!

Chinese Classes

Learning a language is tough, especially when it is Chinese! Our classes are energetic, fun, and tailored to fit you or your child. Our current and past students win prizes various Chinese language competitions, have works published in Chinese language publications, and receive top scores on the HSK, SAT II Chinese, and AP Chinese. Please contact us to learn more about our language classes.

Fitness Classes

You can now learn Melody's unique form of exercise! Her fitness class is a blend of east and west--incorporating movements from ballet and Chinese dance, gymnastics, yoga, and taichi with traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Melody Xie has been teaching Mandarin Chinese and Chinese folk dance in Washington State for over 25 years. She created and co-founded the Chinese language program at Lakeside School, where she taught at both the Upper and Lower School from 2001 and 2005. Afterwards, Melody went on to found the Melody Institute, her own Chinese language and dance school in 2005. She has also taught beginning and advanced Chinese courses at Bellevue Community College, Shoreline Community College, and Cascadia Community College and invited to speak at numerous teaching conferences and events in both the US and China.

A former professional dancer in China, Melody left her dance career to attend college. She holds a BA and MBA in international business from Xiamen University. Before moving to the US, she served as a lecturer at her university as well as an editor for a publishing company.

In 2006, Melody was awarded the Ethnic Heritage Council's Gorden Ekvall Tracie Award. She was the first person of Chinese descent to receive the honor.

An avid writer, Melody has published more than a hundred articles in Chinese newspapers and magazines in China, Taiwan, and the US.

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